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We, Ductil Steel, after 40 years of experience, we are proud about the fact that we are one of the main Romanian producers of wire and wire products. Our objective is to become an invincible combatant on domestic and international market of metallurgical products, so we developed
On March 2004, Ductil Steel signed a new alliance treaty: the rent of the Otelu Rosu steel works.
The alliance insures for Otelu Rosu the possibility of its reintegration in our industrial circuit and for our company the certainty that raw materials corresponds to the high standards of quality.
The investment program developed in Otelu Rosu, was a real force tour. The steel work, especially the steel furnace, was a target for rehabilitation and modernisation operations.
The production lines was improved or replaced with performing technologies and the furnace 1 was modified and adjusted to obtaining the functional superior billets: their lengths now may be between 8 – 12 meters, in contrast with the old ones which had the length of maximum 6 meters.
Restarting Otelu Rosu plant, the scrap that until now was exported it will be transformed in products with added value in our country. Moreover, the import of the billets and its derivatives will be diminished and Romania may become again exporter at this segment.
In the spirit of legalisation of singular quality Ductil Steel, in co-operation with UTCB, initiates in 2004 a big research project. This program involves the National Centre at Reduction of Seismic Risks from Bucharest. Under this program the technical advantages of FORTE are to be certified through a complex lab tests. Through some special equipments, provided to UTCB from International Collaboration Agency from Japan, it will advance some new techniques in the field of designing, techniques that it will increase the public safety coefficient and it will be an significant diminish of material lost in case of future seism.
This research program, in the same time, intends the updating of technical standards in constructions and specialised information about the welded mesh. The FORTE welded mesh performances and its applicability in civil and industrial constructions will constitute necessary dates for a special material, named “GUIDE FOR DESIGNING REINFORCED CONCRETE ELEMENTS WITH FORTE”. This guide offers complete technical information. The research program includes a school program, for 4 students.
The promotion of the performance and the qualitative Excellency at all levels transformed Ductil Steel into a prestigious exponent of Romanian metallurgical market.
Ductil Steel. Very important producer of the Romanian metallurgical market.
Ductil Steel. 40 years of experience
Ductil Steel. A name you can trust
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