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Today, Ductil Steel is one of the main Romanian producers of wire and wire products. For our company the competition began in 1963, in Buzau when was established the Wire and Wire Products Factory.
In the next period we have focused our resources for spreading our production abilities, increasing the variety of the commercial offer. Looking at the permanent evolution of our client’s demands, we succeed to adopt and to develop year by year, new methods for answer to their demands.
The company evolution was marked by the many social – economic changes and also by the technical and technological movements, which were at a national and also at the international level. As a result of the evolution imposed by the market economy from 1991, “The Wire and Wire products factory”, became SC Ductil SA Buzau. The spin off from 1999 which coincide with the second part of the privatization process, carry out to the foundation of two companies SC Ductil SA having like activity objective the production and marketing of the welding consumables and SC Ductil Steel SA, specialized on the production and marketing of the wires and the wire products.
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