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Steelmaking and the Environment
The making and processing of steel involves the mining and handling of vast amounts of raw materials primarily coal, iron ore, limestone and steel scrap as well as the use of large amounts of air, water and energy. High temperature chemical reactions and physical changes occur during smelting, refining and other processing steps which generate solid and gaseous emissions, contaminate process water and produce waste materials. The challenge faced by today's steel industry is to make and process steel without adversely impacting the environment.
Our Statement of Policy
Our corporate environmental policy is straightforward: we will comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to the conduct of our business. As a good corporate citizen, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of the environment in which we all live. Making Our Environmental Policy Work in maintaining and improving our environmental policies, we will:
maintain effective air and water pollution control plans and procedures;
implement opportunities for prevention of pollution, minimize the generation of wastes, recycle in- plant wastes and products made from steel, and disposeof any remaining wastes in an environmentally responsible
develop and implement effective environmental management systems at all operations;
manufacture products that have minimum environmental impacts, that are safe in their intended use, and that can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.
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