JULY 2004
After a long period of inactivity, Ductil Steel will put again in service the Otelu Rosu iron-and-steel work. On the 28th of July 2004, the first steel cast will be found.
On March this year, the contract of renting the Otelu Rosu iron-and-steel work has been signed by Ductil Steel Buzau, a Romanian company producing wires and wire products. The purpose of renting this work is to modernize and to reinstatement it in the industrial circuit.
In order to be able to restart the activity under legal circumstances, the Ductil Steel company had already invested in the Otelu Rosu work over three million Euros in reconditioning and modernization; in these operations were involved only local companies.
350 employees were kept from the former structure and in the near future the number of the employees will surpass 450. New working places will be created in the area; local companies exclusively are to be contracted.
The objective is to produce at Otelu Rosu about 25,000 tons of steel monthly. The work's restarting investment program includes: investments in the steel works, by transforming the furnace 1 in LF, modification regarding the continuous casting, to obtain 12 m long billets (the old ones were 6 m long), a.s.o.

Romania is annually exporting 4 million tones of scrap-iron and imports billets and other derivatives of it. From these, only Ductil Steel uses 250,000 tons of billets by year. By putting again in service the Otelu Rosu iron-and-steel work, the scrap-iron which had been imported by now, will be transformed in added-value products. This generated added-value will now remain in our country, the import of billets and its derivatives will be drastically reduced, and Romania has the chance to become an exporter.
The integration of the Otelu Rosu iron-and-steel work in the Ductil Steel family represents the natural completion of the production process. After many years of fails, the Otelu Rosu union finds now a qualified, credible and reliable producer, interested about its future. Also, as a billets consumer, Ductil Steel guarantees the sale for Otelu Rosu production.

The Ductil Steel Buzau Company went through many social and economical transformations and focused all the resources on broadening of its production capacities. The Ductil Steel products are appreciated for their quality and diversity, and it can be used with maximum trust in constructions, production, agriculture, a.s.o. The company produces 20,000 tones of steel products monthly and has partnerships with over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East.
...some time ago, I heard the natives saying:
"When we'll see the blast furnace emitting smoke again, we'll live another life! Until then, only God knows how we're going to make it..."
  Now, the Otelu Rosu natives' hopes became reality.
They have a future now.
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